Organic All-Purpose Cleaner – Safe, Save, Savvy

(*Scroll right down if you want to know what is meant by Safe, Save, Savvy :P)

I am sure many parents out there are fans of organic products ranging from baby food, baby detergent to home cleaning agents. Ermm… I am not yet an organic convert. However, I am doing it bit by bit though. That’s partly because the entire parent network group in YH’s class (remember I mentioned we had fun in Cool de Sac meet-up session? Yes, these are the parents!) seem to be organic product fans as we had an informative exchange on organic aloe vera gel after I complained about some mozzie madness bites on YH. Then it kept me thinking if I am doing my kids a disservice in not using organic products on them. As one of the organic product brochure states:

“You wouldn’t fill a bath with petrol and bathe in it and you certainly wouldn’t smear toxic chemicals all over your loved ones, would you?.. Maybe you already have without even realising it….”

Oh… sounds scary doesn’t it? This tagline worries me and thanks to AO&N (All Organic and Natural) for the chance to review these organic products, I am taking the first steps into becoming an organic fanatic.

AO&N Care Package

AO&N Care Package

I receive a Care Package from AO&N. It is indeed a generous package as it consists of many useful products that suit my little ones and our family. I was told to just review on one product or all products if I wish. So no stress to try out everything. But coincidentally, we are going on a vacation soon after this package came, so I got to use almost all of the products that include a Little Innoscents toiletries travel pack for the kiddos and even Bio Shield body protection on the air plane! Who would think that the dry air and enclosed area on board the plane requires a body protectant against UV rays, parasites and harmful bacteria found probably on seats??!! We should rethink on air plane cleanliness now. However, I am not in time to review on those right now as this post goes live before our travel.

At one glance, I know which is my top favourite! Tada!
Bio+Green Crystals – All-Purpose Cleaner

bio green crystals

I cannot tell you how useful this product is. I have something similar except that it is not organic. So, I am happy to find a reasonably priced (SRP: $11.45) All-Purpose Cleaner that not only saves me time as my old cleaner has before, but it is also ORGANIC, meaning it is child-safe and hypoallergenic!

I love using an All-Purpose Cleaner because it saves me lots of time and storage space since I only have one cleaner to keep. I use it to:
1) Mop the floor – just spray 4-5 sprays on the floor randomly and easy clean off with a damp cloth!
2) Mop oily floor – it can degenerate oil and good for mopping the oily floor after deep frying food
3) Clean oily stove and kitchen walls – with just 1-2 sprays and one wipe, the stove will be sparkling clean with no oil residue.
4) Clean toddler’s pencil doodling on the floor – my little YT loves to doodle on the floor if he lays hand on a pencil or pencils. Just spray the All-Purpose Cleaner once on the area, and wipe off effortlessly with a damp cloth. Previously, I use an eraser to erase off the pencil marks, I wasted half a big block of eraser and 10 minutes of time when I could have use just 5 seconds to clean off now.
5) Get rid of ants – spray a generous amount on a damp cloth and wipe along the ants path, it does ward off the ants but usually the ants end up with a different path. Recently, we found out using talcum powder and it works!
6) Clean every surface top you can think of – including doors, windows, kitchen tops, cupboard surface, etc.

One interesting thing about this Bio+Green Crystals is that it is in a soluble satchet form containing revolutionary new crystal compounds in pre-measured amount of chemicals. Just drop this satchet into a 1 litre bottle of warm water. Shake it. It will dissolve completely! Quite amazing! You have to drop the satchet without tearing it apart. I did shake for quite some time for about 5 minutes before it totally dissolves. It could be faster with warm water as I was using tap water which was not so warm.

Drop one satchet into a 1-litre bottle of warm water

Drop one satchet into a 1-litre bottle of warm water. See the satchet rising to the top?

The satchet dissolves after shaking the bottle of solution for about 5 minutes

The satchet dissolves after shaking the bottle of solution for about 5 minutes

The All-Purpose Cleaner is perfect for home and office. It is ideal for any washable hard surface including counter tops, kitchen sinks, walls, garbage containers and more. It does not require rinsing. Just spray and wipe off.

Besides the All-Purpose Cleaner, there are Toy Cleaner, Fruit and Veggie Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Glass and Window Cleaner and Natural Degreaser and Stainless Steel Cleaner. All are sold in satchets form.

Ingredients used for the All-Purpose Cleaner are as follows:
Natural Soda Ash Dense, Natural Spearmint oil, GDS Glucose, Food Grade Sodium Citrate, LAE, Natural Sesqui Carbonate (If you need more information pertaining to certification on the organic products, please do contact AO&N by leaving your query on the ‘Contact Us’ page, and they will be glad to send you a detailed list of ingredients for all their products.)

The rest of the products that I have tried and find them suitable for our family are:
Little Innoscents Mineral Powder (SRP: $11.60)

Organic powder
Little Innoscents products are made from 100% natural, pure and organic ingredients and are completely free from toxic chemicals, Parabens and all other little hidden nasties.
This is 100% Talc Free and Eczema Friendly.
I like the smell of the organic peppermint and lavender essential oils. It is made of Australian White Clay that explains the super fine touch and high level of absorption which can protect babies from nappy rash and skin irritations.

Little Innoscents Sun Lotion (SRP: $21.30)

This is children sunscreen with SPF 30 and 4 hours water resistance. This mineral based sunscreen contains Zinc Oxide as the only active ingredient. It also contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Calendula. It is suitable for sensitive skin. It can be used on babies 6 months on. It has a light natural fragrance that I love to smell on the kids.

Choice Organic Tea – Organic Rest Assured (SRP: $10.30)

Organic tea
This claims to support restful sleep. Ah… I need that after nights of blogging with images of the computer screen sticking to my mind. The tea is caffeine free. It has a smooth blend of valerian root, known to calm the mind and promote sleep. It contains passionflower which can reduce everyday stress and soothe tension. It has catnip leaf and chamomile to relief occasional restlessness. Best of all, the taste is light and refreshing and is warm and calming.

If you are a fan of organic products, or like me, a gradual organic converter, you may like to visit their website to browse through their range of products from beverages, food, baby and family products to home care.

AO&N advocates leading a healthy lifestyle and doing their part in building a more sustainable environment for everyone.
AO&N has recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the Singapore Children’s Society to contribute part of their sales proceeds, from the Little Innoscents and Bio+Green Crystals product line, to support the Singapore Children’s Society in their worthy cause.


Good news for Kids R Simple readers!
Just simply quote “201406-TIN.Bloggers” as the coupon code and you will get a 5% off your purchase. Free shipping for orders more than $48.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review from AO&N. Opinions are purely mine. If you do buy any of these products, be sure to let me know in the comments! Hope this review is useful to you! So what’s the Safe, Save, Savvy in the blog title? Safe to use, Save time, Savvy Mum!

10 thoughts on “Organic All-Purpose Cleaner – Safe, Save, Savvy

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  2. What makes you say the bio green crystals are organic? I don’t see any certifications to back up that claim? In fact, the ingredients are not even transparent so how do we know it’s non toxic as they claim? This shouldn’t be taken lightly especially for the toy cleaner as you should know kids put everything in their mouth! For a brand that markets itself as safe, surely they should be transparent about what exactly the ingredients are or is this another case of green washing? The candy colored satchels are also dangerous around children as they might mistake them as candies and eat them! Several laundry detergent companies have been sued over such incidences. I trust you value the importance of responsible blogging to do more research before doing a review?

    • Hi Dashing Diva,
      I really appreciate your concerns on the ingredients integrity of the Multi-purpose cleaner and other bio green crystals products. Your concern is a valid one for sure. I should not have left out the ingredients list in the blog post as I thought it would be too lengthy to include, but I have added it into the blog post now 🙂

      According to the manufacturer, the bio green crystals are extracted into powder form to reduce carbon footprint, the manufacturer could not go for USDA organic certification since USDA does not certify powder compound. In US and Europe, the same powder form has been made into liquid concentrate and received organic certification. That said, this product is US EPA certified and is one of the solutions listed under the ‘Sensitive Choice’ program by the National Asthma Council, Australia. It is also endorsed by doctors for being a safe product even for special kids and adults.

      AO&N is actually very glad that you asked this question for them to have a chance to share this information on my blog here. If you have more queries, they are happy to put you through local representative to answer any other questions that you may have.

      As for the risk of kids putting the bio green crystals into their mouth, from my experience, I would think this is very unlikely to happen. First of all, the satchets are tightly sealed and are meant to be used for dissolving into solution for usage. As with many kitchen cleaners, such products, organic or not, should be placed out of reach from children. That is the pure responsibility of parents to ensure kids’ safety in the house. This is not meant as a toy for children and hence it would be unfair to place any possibility of choking hazard or ingestation on the responsibility of the manufacturer.

      I hope I have answered your question to the fullest knowledge I know. I do take pride in my blogging integrity and I review responsibly on products that I share on my blog. I know my readers out there trust me for my honest review and sincere sharing of thoughts and experience. That is the reason they have been staying with me! Thank you for reading my blog!

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