The Canopy Playground @ Changi Airport T1

Did I tell you that Singapore’s Changi Airport is a favourite family venue to have fun, eat and shop to your heart’s content? I must have when I shared on the Sponge Bob Bouncing Castle last Christmas. Whenever we ran out of ideas or the rain comes to spoil all outdoor plans, we always know where to go. Changi Airport! It never fails to entertain our kids. Canopy Playground We checked out The Canopy Playground at Terminal 1 some weeks back. This playground is really for younger kids like my little toddler YT. Although small in scale, we were surprised to find out that it has almost everything a full size indoor playground has! Nowadays, my eldest girl XX is starting to outgrow indoor playground. But she finds it fun because she gets to follow her little brother around!
And the best part is: IT’S FREE!!
Canopy Playground 12 Canopy Playground 2 Canopy Playground 1 Canopy Playground 4 Canopy Playground 7 Canopy Playground 8 Canopy Playground 6 Canopy Playground 5 Canopy Playground 10 Canopy Playground 11 Canopy Playground 13 Canopy Playground 14 Canopy Playground 15

Quite an awesome lot of play features in this small scale indoor playground isn’t it? We passed this by on our way to the Canopy Playground which is really amazing! The fluid motion of the thousands of raindrops in a dancing movement. This is what they call a kinetic sculpture and I can see most people who are not in a hurry to rush for a flight, will stop by and admire how the raindrops move in harmony. This is in departure hall of Terminal 1.

Kinetic Raindrops 3 Kinetic Raindrops 2 We wanted to visit the Changi Aviation Gallery at T3 but it was getting late. This gallery has a multi-sensory zones with interactive hands-on display that provides an insight into the flying operations of an air plane. It certainly sounds interesting even for the adults. We’ll be back next time. If you want to know more about entertainment in Changi Airport, check it here!

Information on The Canopy Playground

Located at the Viewing Mall, Level 3, Terminal 1
Age: 18 months to 12 years
Admission: FREE

Have you been to The Canopy Playground yet?

11 thoughts on “The Canopy Playground @ Changi Airport T1

  1. pretty good thinking to make a the airport tempting even for those who are not travelling! I’m sure most of the visitor will stop and buy something too. looks like fun!

    • The recent times we went to the slide at T3, it has resumed its service. It shouldn’t disappoint again. I think The Canopy Playground is still quite new. Can get crowded too. Remember to hop to the Aviation Gallery. Heard that it is good 🙂

      • Yes, I don’t remember the canopy playground (I remember a playground, but I think it was airside). I guess I should have said it’s been ages since we went to Changi Airport for an outing 🙂 .

        Good to hear T3 is up and running normally. P really loves that.

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    • I thought I was the last to know about this playground! I couldn’t believe it was free too. At first glance when I reached there, I thought it was too small. But I was totally amazed at all the features inside. It did keep my kids there for 2 hours!

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