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Amped Singapore

During the March School Holidays, I took a 3 days leave to bring the kids out everyday. We had an amazing time together trying new activities and even staying at home was fun! I will be sharing on what we did on subsequent posts soon. One of the places we went to check out was Amped Trampoline. Have you heard of this new kid on the block?


Amped Trampoline Park @ Katong

Amped Trampoline is the Singapore’s First Indoor Trampoline Park. What is it? It’s basically a huge area full of trampolines! You can bounce on 5000 square feet of interconnected trampolines. We all have tried our feet on one circular trampoline. But we have never tried interconnected ones that you can run, slam yourself against the side walls, turn a somersault, cartwheel, backwards bounce and stand up, and any stunts you can think of!

There are 2 parks in Singapore. One in Tanjong Katong and the other in Jurong East. We went to the one in Katong. The entrance is hidden from the main road. This park is an old school hall located above a food court. Once you reach the food court, you walk to the back of the food court and walk up the stairs. There is only one staircase leading up to Amped Trampoline Park.

Upon arrival, XX and YH were so excited that they just run into the park and it was not due for their time slots yet! Everyone wears a colour band for a different time slot. I had to fill up the waiver online before they can go in. You will be glad to know that each admission comes with a free bottle of mineral water.

Mineral bottle

XX and YH’s favourite is the attempt to jump up the high wall in green. As they are not tall enough, they kept on pestering me and Kel to help them up the wall. Even with our help, it was difficult for them to reach the top of the walls.

Amped8Their next favourite is the foam pit. Initially, I was hesitant in jumping into it. But as the clock nears an hour, I decided to jump in. Whoa! It has a super cushioning effect with so many thick foams. It is almost impossible to get hurt unless someone jumps down on you. But all the users on that day adhere to rules and everyone waited for all to get out from the foam pit before they run and jump in. Even Little YT got into the pit!

Foam Pit1

Foam Pit 2

Next, an Amped staff taught the kids how to do a somersault on the trampoline and into the foam pit. It’s basically a forward roll first and you have to keep your head tucked into your chest for this roll. I would have love to try too, if I was 10 years younger maybe.





Your first questions might be,”Is this suitable for my kids?“, “Will they get injured with sprained ankles?“, “Is it dangerous?” Amped seems to be very particular in safety. They have a safety video which educates the users on some rules inside the park. Before the start of the next time slot, users are briefed by an Amped staff. Some rules include the following: you cannot lie down on the trampoline. You cannot climb the side walls. You must wait for people to climb out of the foam pit before you can jump into it. There are Amped staff who are there to ensure users do not flout the rules. They have a jumper’s guide here for you to know about before hitting the park.




All ages are welcome, even Little YT had a fun hour jumping and running about. For ages 3 and below, parents have to be with them on the trampolines. For ages 11 and under, a parent has to be around, not necessary in the park but at the sitting area. Amped limits the number of people into the park for a good and safe experience. Therefore, you have to book the time slots in advance as some time slots sell out really fast!

Seating Area

Seating Area

Some further details on the park:

You have to book online and pay online for an hour slot before you go. Many slots were full when I tried to book ours. On Mondays, they have some time slots for 11 years and under from 3pm onwards. So, if you are concerned about big kids in the park, you may like to go for these time slots. If you are bringing a toddler along like me, you only have to pay for one admission for the toddler, the parent accompanies for free!

Location: Tanjong Katong

369 Tanjong Katong Road,Singapore 437126, (Level 2)
Located above the food court.

Opening Hours

Mon:  10am – 7pm
Tue:     3pm – 10pm
Wed:   10am – 10pm
Thu:    3pm – 10pm
Fri:      10am – 11pm
Sat:     10am – 10pm
Sun:    10am – 9pm

Tel: 8669.4894
Nearest MRT: Dakota (1.2km), Paya Lebar (1.5km)

Location: Jurong East

Yo:ha, 200 Jurong East Avenue 1, Singapore 609789 (Level 2)
Exit 32 from PIE – use Jurong Canal Road for GPS

Opening Hours

Mon:  10am – 7pm
Tue:     3pm – 10pm
Wed:   3pm – 10pm
Thu:    3pm – 10pm
Fri:      10am – 10pm
Sat:     10am – 10pm
Sun:    10am – 9pm

Tel: 8126.3801

Nearest MRT: Chinese Garden (1.1km); BUS 334, 98 from Jurong East MRT

Click here to book online!

Amped Booking

This is not a sponsored post. We heard about this park from one of the dad bloggers, CheekieMonkies and decided to check it out! Most kids love trampolines, including ours! It’s a great experience, and we will be back again!

20 thoughts on “Amped Trampoline Review

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  2. AVOID the Jurong branch!! My 3 kids aged 9, 4, 4 were denied the access last week (12 May 2016) by the clown they have for manager. The reason? We had no booking and decide to do a walk-in, so before opening our shoes we wanted to make sure there was available spots, but before we could find out this guy came with so much rage and confrontation asking my kids to open their shoes repeatedly, they were frightened.

    I didn´t like it so I told him that we will open our shoes but that´s not the way you should approach people, specially little people. He went nuts after I said that and started lecturing me about rules, safety blah blah blah!

    Then I was asked what my profession was (doest it matters in a trampoline park?), blaming me for not being familiar with their booking system, for not booking in advance. Seriously? We were there just to jump, but this weirdo was acting like if were attempting to enter the Pentagon loaded with guns.

    After all the ordeal, he said Ï will make things easier for you, I will deny you the access because you are all very fuzzy¨ and even dared to tell my kids that their mum was crazy. Treating me to Stomp him and call the Head Quarters to complain, Lol.

    Totally surreal, not sure what were the owners thinking when they hired this lunatic.

    • Hi Monica,
      I am so sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience. I hope your kids are not too traumatized by this. I totally understand how you feel about meeting people who are unreasonable. I guess you did a good job in handling the situation calmly which will certainly be a good role model for your kids to admire and learn. Sometimes, it takes a less than happy incident to have an opportunity to teach our kids of what we may face in the world.

      There are many trampoline parks in Singapore. Do visit the other ones! Thanks for leaving a comment here and hope your kids will have a good time in other playgrounds 🙂

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