Our family photoshoot with Imagegarden

This is the second post on our photoshoot with Imagegarden. If you have missed my first post on Baby YT’s first baby photoshoot, read here


Oops! I am caught eating!

I simply love Baby YT photoshoot just like I love XX and YH’s. It’s wonderful to capture their baby looks before they grew out of their baby fats and cutie expressions. It’s even more precious that we have these captured all around the same time (before their first birthday) and able to compare among their looks. We often marvel at how similar they look and our parents in turn will exclaim how similar the kids are compared to our own baby photos! Here are XX and YH’s baby photos with Imagegarden just before they turn one! Look at their expressions! I am so glad we have these precious baby photos taken! If you are contemplating a baby photoshoot, don’t hesitate further and go and get it done! It’s memorable and fun too!

Can you guess who is who?

XX baby 1

XX baby 2

After Meng, the photographer, decided that YT had enough good pictures for a good selection on an album or frame, we went on to have the siblings photos taken. Meng told me that usually it’s better to arrange for a second session for family shots so as not to overwhelm the baby. But I was a little lazy to do that and seeing YT was still alert after his session, we went ahead with the siblings and family sessions. Besides, the older kids would have been disappointed if they had to wait for another day to have theirs taken.

The siblings shoot was quick and easy. I think kids are very natural in their poses. They are not self conscious and hold no barrs in showing all kinds of expressions.

Don't eat my cake!!

Don’t eat my cake!!

I love the photo frame concept. Initially we were worried about being out of the frame. (The kids are not though, obviously!) But Meng assured us that it was totally alright to be out of the frame and wanted us to look our most natural. True enough, the out of frame photos are some of my favorites! They give such out-of-the-norm feel, they look really good!
Don't crawl out baby!!

Don’t crawl out baby!!

Next is the family shoot. Just like all shoots that involve babies, we had to be real quick. Baby YT kept on crawling out of the frame and wanted to bring down the frame. It didn’t help that the baby was pulling YH’s hair, XX was trying to tame the baby and Kel and I had to catch the baby when he started to crawl away from the camera lens. And we had to do all these while putting on smiles for the camera. Whatever best photo poses advised in books were all forgotten and we were too busy to follow. Meivis was the entertainer and Meng concentrated in capturing the shots that had everyone look into the camera smiling. Whoa! A phD would have been easier to achieve than this! Still, the great photographer was fast enough to take these terrific shots!

Ouch! Don't pull my hair baby!

Ouch! Don’t pull my hair baby!

Boo Waa Waa... Mummy!!

Boo Waa Waa… Mummy!!

Finally! A good photo!!

Finally! A good photo!!

We are happy with the photos which really turned out very well! Thanks to Meng and Meivis that we have such beautiful pictures. Meivis helped to frame these selected photos and they are now hanging on our living room wall.

This is the second part of our photoshoot with Imagegarden. If you are interested to find out more on Imagegarden photography, you may read my first review here and here is a short profile on Imagegarden:

Imagegarden photography has been providing bridal, family, babies and commercial photography since 1998. They present a wide range of styles in photography, often mixing art and beauty in their photoshots. They do not mass produce their work and take pride in cultivating individualistic taste to suit the love story in each bridal photography, tailor-made exclusive concept shoot for each family photography and create beauty in each of the photos that are taken.

Most of their couple clients go back to them for maternity, family and babies photography.

A gem in these days, Imagegarden still do film photography, combining the best of both worlds of modern digital mixed with timeless black and white film photography charm.

You should really take a look at their website to see for yourself on the beautifully taken photo shots to appreciate their photography styles.

Website: http://www.imagegardenphotography.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imagegardencommercial

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored shoot. I wrote this post mainly to share our wonderful photoshoot experience for Baby YT. As our experience with Imagegarden photography is always excellent, I want to share their professionalism here with my readers, especially to those who are contemplating a photoshoot for their wedding or baby or family. Even though I told them that I wouldn’t mind writing this post for free since I was going to write anyway, Imagegarden still insisted to extend a discount to us to thank us and also because we are a long time customer with them. Do remember to check them out!

13 thoughts on “Our family photoshoot with Imagegarden

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  2. Such a beautiful family! 🙂 Love, love, love the photos. The frame is a great idea 🙂 I agree photographing children is really hard, and I think photographing wild animals is even easier. But to obtain a PhD, is for sure not easier 🙂 I am thinking about a photoshoot for the boys. It would be great.
    They did have one before Christmas at the preschool, but the guy only prints the photos and doesn’t give you the didgital ones 😦 http://theblackberryboys.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/christmas-market-and-christmas-portraits/

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