My Little Toddler at 16th month

My baby has become a toddler! Now I am beginning to miss his baby days! It’s been 3 months since I updated his progress at 13th month. My Little Gem is 16 months old now. The major development here is striking out his first step at 14th month. It’s a great development milestone for him. Even though it’s late, we are still super proud of him! Don’t all mums feel proud of every milestone no matter how small it might be?

At 16th month, he can walk very steadily. Now I miss his commando crawl and he’s not crawling anymore. I used to crawl behind him and asked,”Where are you going my baby?”. He could crawl real fast! Well, he has passed that stage.

He is looking taller now. He walks well with shoes on and still waddles with feet open outwards. Occasionally, he loses his balance and falls on his butt. Sometimes, he falls forward too. Recently, he keeps on getting bruises on his forehead, it hurts me to see the bumps. I think his head occupies much of his weight and he walks too fast. Now that he loves walking, he walks around the house so much I wonder if he’s training some baby muscles for a baby walkathon, or maybe, “waddlethon”.


Just like his siblings, his favorite word is “No no”. He reiterates his message by waving his hand in a “no” manner. Super cute! He has his own thinking now and wants his own way. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he screams really loud. Sometimes, we just give in to him if it is not going to break the bank or cause a trouble. But, we all think he, being the youngest in the family, is going to be a spoilt babe very soon! Still, we love spoiling him… got to reign in some control soon.

He babbles in baby language most of the time. He can pronounced “Papa” very clearly and repeat it non-stop. I am jealous! He used to call “Mama” and now he seems to pick “Papa” as a favourite. Oh, when will you be calling me, darling? These 2 days, he is speaking more words, like “bird bird”, “开” (open), “我的” (mine!). All of us are so excited with his new words now and then!

IKEA chair

At 7th month, Little YT had 7 teeth. Now, at 16th month, Little YT has 16 teeth! I think that’s the fastest development he has. Naturally, with so many teeth, he has officially stopped eating baby mashed food and baby cereal. That makes it easy and difficult at the same time when we are out. He loves porridge and rice. It’s easy because I do not need to bring baby meals out and my diaper bag is lighter. It’s difficult because, in places that do not serve porridge or suitable rice with easy-to-chew foods, we have to give him bread or biscuits and then milk to make it a meal for him. Not too nutritious but not frequent either. His favourite snack now is Baby Bites and Heinz Biscotti.


My Little YT sleeps at 930pm or sometimes 10pm. Yes, I know it’s late for a baby but the night is so short, and he doesn’t want to miss out on the action in the evening with his siblings. And we love to play with him just a little while more before he sleeps. He wakes up at 8am and sometimes in the middle of the night or early morning for a feed. He takes one nap now but it’s a 3-hour nap!

He loves going out! If he sees me leaving the house for work, he cries. I “cry” too. I wish I can pack him inside my bag to my workplace. He prefers much to walking on his own now, letting go of my hand mostly. When he does, he walks haphazardly like a balloon releasing air. It’s dangerous at times and once, we almost lost him in IKEA. He walks anywhere he wishes and doesn’t care if we follow behind him or not. He is wary of strangers and always freezes in whatever he’s doing when a stranger looks at him. Slowly, he will lower his head so much that there was a time when he almost fell out of the high chair head down. Luckily I caught him by his shirt. Recently, he knows how to put a smile on anyone’s face by waving goodbye and doing a thank kiss. Super cute!


The first time…
YT has many firsts. At 15th month, it was his first time travelling out of the country and his passport has 2 immigration stamps now. He went on a cruise and Legoland Malaysia all within a month. His sister first travelled when she was 20 months, and his brother first travelled when he was 23 months. He is lucky to travel much younger, but one thing for sure, he will not remember them.

First time on a cruise…



First time in Legoland Malaysia…

Legoland Malaysia

First time stepping on seawater…

East Coast

First time staying in a hotel…

Ritz Carlton

My life at this moment
Life now is back to normal without baby days demands. However, in terms of sleep, I am still sleeping less than 6 hours a day. I do not know how to sleep early with so many things to do when I get home from work and after the kids sleep. Anyone out there has good suggestions to get more sleep??

Having 3 kids for 16 months now, I have done a few things that I am proud to relate to my kids and grandchildren in future. I have brought them out on my own without any help. I sling/carry my baby and pee at the same time. Have you tried that? It’s not difficult but got to be careful with a fidgety toddler like my YT and it makes it more challenging if you need some concentration while peeing! I breastfed everywhere with my nursing bib. I even breastfed when I was standing in a queue and pushing a pram with the other hand!

I had a wonderful 5 months period as a SAHM when I enjoyed my 3 kids, cooked simple but full of love meals, did house chores just like how my mum did when we were young. I totally enjoyed it!

Then, I had a crazy schedule for about a month when I returned to full time work, waking up early preparing dinner and cooking after I was back from work, house chores, play with the kids, supervise piano, homework, make kids sleep plus demands of breastfeeding, all which made up a hectic day. With days like these, I feel I am a superwoman. Tired though, I am proud that I can do anything for my kids, for my family. That’s amazing! While it is not to be done over a prolonged time (thank goodness it was only a month), I now know I am capable of handling demands thrown to me at unfavorable times.

Piggy back

Do you have proud stories to share in your parenting journey when you feel empowered against life challenges? I would love to hear them!

23 thoughts on “My Little Toddler at 16th month

  1. That first picture is just adorable!!! Btw, the funny downside of bringing up kids trilingual is that instead of them saying no-no they do it in three languages : ei-nej-no :D. You are one busy strong woman juggling everything with a short night sleep, it is amazing what motherhood enables,huh?!

      • Thanks! I know what you mean about our memory being only able to capture only that fast while our kids grow up in a flash. That’s why I need to document their progress here for me to look back when my memory slows down even further 🙂

    • I love that pic too! Wow! Trilingual in no-no must be really funny! Kids learn this faster than any other words. For me, juggling everything in a sleep deprived mode is not fun at all. I need to force me-time indulgence for myself more frequently to keep healthy for the kids.

  2. This was a lovely post! I am glad I stopped by. I enjoyed reading it so much and the pictures you posted were super-super cute! And I can tell you it is a plus that your baby is four months older. It is like reading “the future”.
    You are really a super mom. I cannot think of stories that can be compared to your challenges. I guess if I would have to say something I am proud of, I am proud that I can accept the unknown. I dislike the fact that we are moving three months from now and I do not know where to but I am taking it well. I think. HAHA
    Zoárd only has 4 teeth…. is this strange?! It seems few compared to the 16 teeth you have mentioned!!! 🙂
    xoxo, Eszter

    • Eszter, raising Zoard on-the-go is very challenging! It’s easier to raise kids when you are at home. You are a superb mum in my opinion. You must share some thoughts on doing this while traveling to unknown places, teach us some tips too! Haha, some ideas for your coming posts 🙂 I think my YT has too many teeth at this age. Eventually Zoard will have all his baby teeth out, don’t worry 🙂

    • I hope some readers out there do give me this secret here! You bet I’ll shout it out to all of you! Frankly speaking, I don’t really like my hectic routine. For the sake of better health and more relax pace, I am trying to change things in the household like getting my kids to help in house chores, and changing my routine and lifestyle to something I always like. I don’t wish it to be that my kids are competing with me for my own me-time. It doesn’t have to be sacrifice for the kids. I have to ensure I enjoy my own indulgence while enjoying the kids.

    • Toddlers are a cute bunchful! I will miss his waddlethon badly!! Thank you for your encouragement! I am still trying to balance my own time for myself and spending time with the kids. Not that I do not enjoy time with kids, I enjoy too much that I am missing out my own. I gotta start small and probably dish out books to read for a start.

    • Thanks for the share! You are so sweet! I know what you mean about prioritize and making a commitment. But it’s the challenge about doing what you preach. It can’t be just an appointment for one night or two to sleep early. I have to try to make changes to my lifestyle now to bring the kids’ bedtime earlier (now is rather late) and other changes such that I get to sleep early on most nights. Making changes is tough but I have to do it. I hope I’ll succeed and share with all of you in a post soon! I am glad you handle sleep issues well with 3 kiddos too.

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