Your stats are booming! [+behavior chart printable for younger kids]

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Last night, I was pleasantly surprised by my WordPress stats boom in readership! Apparently, Rise and Shine, a parenting website which provides premium product offers, good tips and terrific parent community engagement, had decided to publish one of my blog post. They had shared my November write up of “Getting Kids To do Morning Routines without Nagging“. This has clocked my best one day page view to 1614 views and with more than 1100 unique visitors!! The blog post has 368 shares at the time of publishing this post and counting!

For those popular bloggers, this might be a normal day stats or even in 5 digits daily. But for me, it was awesome! I am really excited and happy that this reward chart that I had implemented successfully with my kids on getting them to do morning routines and house chores has resonated so well with other parents out there. Which parent doesn’t nag from time to time? And which child doesn’t back talk and drives us madly through the roof? This chart has since helped me reign in independence, responsibility and respectful behavior in my children!

Let me share with you on how well this reward chart has been since 11 Nov implementation till today, exactly 2 months. Every night, before sleep, my kids will tick on which morning routines they have accomplished for the day, tick on whether they have done house chores for that day and tick on whether they have been respectful to Kel and I, siblings and others. They have their reward charts to keep track on their behavior and diligence in the morning routines. I will check on them and give them their well-deserved stickers or no stickers for that day depending if they have accomplished what they are expected to do. As a further incentive, my mum, who came by and saw the reward chart with many stickers on them, told them if they have accumulated 50 stickers, she shall give them a $1 coin. That further motivates them to do the routines automatically and independently.

Of course, from time to time, I still have to give them a push especially if they are lazy on a Sunday morning. However, I am careful not to give too many reminders, lest I sound naggy again. A gentle reminder shows that I do care in a way.

As for the back talking? Within 2 days into implementing the reward chart, the back talking stopped completely. However, within the 2 months, back talking still comes back occasionally, usually when the kids are tired and cranky. I, as a parent, have to understand that we, adults do feel like back talking to our bosses sometimes, except that we know better than to say it out. So, I can perfectly understand when my kids do it. I just have to be sure they do not get into a habit of back talking. When they back talk at times, I have to repeat calmly that this behavior is not acceptable, and to apologize to me or Kel.

If you have younger children, I am sharing one of my older post on Dealing with back talk and rude behavior here. Printable is at the end of the post. You can customize the chart with what you would like your child to improve on. This is useful for younger children and all the kid has to do is to colour the smiley faces.

Behaviour Chart


Morning Routine Reward chart

Behaviour Chart

Thank you to all who take time to share this post! And to those who are reading this for the first time, please feel free to share around if you find that it can benefit anyone!

I hope parents out there who like this reward chart will find it an easy and powerful tool. Let me know if it works for you! Be patient and firm in implementing this. I am sure it will work out fine!

17 thoughts on “Your stats are booming! [+behavior chart printable for younger kids]

  1. Congratulations and thanks for coming back to tell us how you’re getting on! Glad it’s working out for you. Wouldn’t it be great to not need the chart any more? Unfortunately I still need lists at my age so I’m not hopeful of losing the lists for my kids any time soon 🙂 .

    (My list probably needs an update at the moment, though – I’m just looking at it and it must be 18 months old and they’ve grown up a lot since then!)

  2. That’s awesome to hear, isn’t it? That is alot of UVs for a day! =) I think you might have found something you like and can do well, coming up with these unique, self-designed charts to help out other like-minded parents! =) Congrats and welcome to SMB finally!

    • Thanks Summer! I have never seen so many UVs in a day. I love designing something that helps my parenting, and love to learn tips from other parents too. I am just so happy that many parents find this chart useful, makes my day! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! You have made it! I also use the chart for my daughter and hope that I will not be a nagging mother to her again.

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