I wish I may, I wish I might, have these resolutions to last 365 nights..

It’s the start of the new year! It’s time to reset everything, forget unhappy moments in the past year, and look forward to starting anew in the new year!

On New Year’s day 1st Jan 2014, I tried to have a happy day to start off the year on a happy note. I tried to avoid scolding the kids on that day. I tried to forget about my blog (I was busy thinking of what to post for the brand new year). I tried to ignore all sorts of notifications on my Samsung mobile (wordpress, facebook, whatsapp, thank god I do not have twitter). I tried to be a good yummy mummy (a smiling, soft spoken and pretty mum). Yes, the key word here is “tried“.

I did consciously live in the moment. In fact, we had a lovely afternoon jogging and pushing the good old pram with little YT and the kids cycling ahead of Kel and I. I did not check my mobile at all, although the spouse did. I should teach him carpe diem for the new year. However, thoughts on my blog and my facebook page did flash many times now and then. Then, there was the urge to check my notifications. I tried to brush them away. I start to feel that social media is getting too much into my life.

I love to be with the kids, I breathe kids, love them to the bits and love to spend lots of moments with them. I love Kel. Hence, I decided that my new year resolution is to treasure my time with the family more. I do not want distraction to take over my precious time with the kids and the spouse. I have to divide my time 5 portions for my family of 5, including myself. If you have less kids, you probably will have more time to each portion. So, each of the 5 portions is extremely precious to me! Distraction is a waste of time! I want to treasure time, taking in my kids’ growing up years and enjoying every moment with my beloved Kel.

These are the distractions that I want to throw out when I am with my loved ones:

  • my hate and love – mobile phone (I mean just put aside, not really “throw” it out)
  • Never-ending house chores
  • hurry, hurried, hurrying

In this new year, I am going to do the following and stick to them:

  1. Take things slow – walk slowly, breathe slowly, talk slowly, live an unhurried life
  2. Ignore a dirty house – oh, this will take superman’s efforts
  3. Live in the moment – Carpe Diem!!
  4. Limit my screen time to commuting, me-time and after the kids sleep (it’s near midnight now)
  5. Be a good listener and look at my kids’ eyes when they talk (not any other body parts facing them but the eyes)
  6. Read more books, do more exercise, indulge myself more – happier, lovelier and yummier mummy
  7. Implement a weekly family bonding night (with the little one kept busy one side but near us)

Resolutions are meant to last the entire year till the next brand new year comes.

“I wish I may, I wish I might, have these resolutions to last 365 nights… “

I hope I will stick to my resolutions. Stay tune! Come next year, do forget this post if I repeat any of the list above in my next year’s resolutions!

How do you keep to your resolutions? Do you have a list up on the fridge? Or one buried under the pillow hoping to diffuse into the head while you sleep? I am going to put one on my wardrobe door! It’ll be the first thing I see in the morning 🙂 

13 thoughts on “I wish I may, I wish I might, have these resolutions to last 365 nights..

  1. I think it’s a good idea to keep the resolutions where you can see them – I just keep them in my head! Here lately I’ve been concerned about how much time social media is taking up, and I’ve been limiting it. While it’s not a resolution, I’m going to limit that when I’m with others. I’ve been trying to make a habit of leaving my phone face down when Mr. T is in the same room as I am!

  2. I love your honesty- being a great Mom is such a challenge. The fact you think and write about such things shows just how aware of a Mom you really are. I, too, have tried so often to be the nice, smiling, soft-spoken, pretty Mom….sometimes, sadly, that whole persona lasts less than 5 minutes:)

    • Very true! I think most moms love to be yummy mummy, and look cool with the kids. But when they start throwing tantrums and worse, back talk, a poker face would be difficult, let alone a soft-spoken and calm one! Thanks for the lovely words! I am sure you are a great mum too 🙂

    • I have seen that and was one of the first to like it! Have shared the original version by Jarrid Wilson on my fb page. I love the post and it resonates so well with many of us. It gave me the determination to stop the mobile distraction. Thanks for sharing the link here.

  3. Good luck with the resolutions and I so agree about the technology!

    I’ve decided to clear out the clutter (bit of a Chinese New Year vibe?) so the house is *permanently* cleaner, leaving more time for other things. Then I thought I’d use the timer for technology to keep it under control. We all enjoy it and we all need a bit of a break during the day, but we don’t want it ruling our lives!

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