In a Christmas mood… in Singapore

Me: “What’s your last count on the Christmas trees, children?” (walking along the shopping belt)
XX: “Mummy, I’ve counted 101… 102, 103….” (pointing towards any possibly cones that are shaped like a Christmas tree)
YH: “JieJie, 105!!”

I am impressed by their observant eyes and counting (which may include double count or probably skipped some tens) but indeed Christmas in Singapore is a busy, crowded, well-decorated and merry affair! We have hundreds or probably thousands of Christmas trees along the main shopping belt in Orchard Road, Marina Bay, in the central and neighborhood shopping malls! Since the Christmas light-up ceremony in Orchard Road in November, the shopper crowds are racing to the malls which hold lots of sales in the days running up to Christmas. And this weekend is going to be even more crowded, ok, maybe not as bad as Black Friday but definitely comparable.

Our annual Christmas light-up and competition among shopping malls to win the best dressed mall is a much anticipated affair. Most of us here, locals will visit Orchard Road to take photos with the beautiful Christmas trees and lights during every Christmas season.  Although we do not have snow here, we certainly have lots of Christmassy mood with the Christmas jingles playing in each store and beautiful lightings to enjoy a Christmas full of warmth.  For this reason as opposed to the cold streets on Christmas day itself in snow-clad countries, Singapore has for at least 2 decades, attracted many tourists from the Northern hemisphere who want to escape the sub-zero degree freeze back in their home. On Christmas eve and Christmas day, the crowd is unbelievable! You get pushed along wherever you go!

Here are some Christmas decorations that we have seen along Orchard Road and hotels.

This year, like many other years, we have Christmas party invites and will be holding a simple one at home too. It shall be our first Christmas party in our house since we shifted 2 years ago. We went to the malls yesterday, to our favourite ones that have good sales and attractive complimentary gift wrapping. We bought all the Christmas gifts for the little ones at one go. I was in the queue for 2 hours in total for check outs and gift wrapping! It was tiring but it will be worse this weekend. Well, at least I know my shopping is 90% done!

Here are the beautiful and classy gift wrappings from Robinsons store.

These are from Metro Department Store.

While Orchard Road is dressed up with Christmas trees and beautiful lightings, our house has a simple Christmas tree too. It has become our tradition to set up one since the year XX was born. This year with little YT crawling and wobbling around, all the decorations on the tree that are within his height are being taken down daily. I have held back putting the presents under the tree for fear of them being ripped apart by my darling!


From today on, we will be hopping from one party to the next – 4 Christmas parties, 3 Birthday parties and Dongzhi celebration all within 6 days! If you do not know what Dongzhi (冬至) is, it is an important Chinese celebration of the winter solstice usually happening on 22 December annually, sometimes on 21st. During Dongzhi festival, we have family gathering and make Tangyuan (汤圆 – glutinous rice balls) together. My mum will cook sumptuous meals for us, and cook the Tangyuan as a dessert. I always look forward to Dongzhi, it’s almost like Chinese New Year with the family get-together.

Whew! It shall be 6 consecutive busy days for us and we are looking forward to this wonderful holiday season!

And to all my wonderful readers, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas


16 thoughts on “In a Christmas mood… in Singapore

  1. I think for free gift wrapping I would have stood in line for 2 hours! I love the pictures of all of the trees and decorations – so very festive! Enjoy all of the parties and the time with your family – and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Love the white and blue Christmas tree!
    The same problem we have here at he malls, the line to cashier is very long and I am not even half done yet with Christmas shopping because I am on a graveyard shift and all I want to do when I get home is sleep! 😦

    • I think all over the world, cash registers are ringing non-stop. I understand you’re tired after a graveyard shift but actually that’ll be a great time to shop to beat the crowds in the evening! Hope you will complete your shopping list this weekend! Merry Christmas!!

  3. Such beautiful trees! Back home I always skipped the crowds and shopped online for all my Christmas gifts, although if the malls looked as beautiful as Singapores, maybe I would have made the trek. Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours! It is interesting to learn about the city and see the beautiful photographs. Thank you for stopping my blog and “liking” a recent post!

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