Changi Airport – Spongebob Square Pants Bouncy Castle



I wonder which other airport has as much fun as our Singapore’s iconic Changi Airport. For many people here, Changi Airport is a fun place to go to during weekends and school holidays. You can spend the whole day shopping without GST (Goods and Services Tax) even if you are not flying out of Singapore. Your kids can have fun in playgrounds and go for the slides in Terminal 3! There are countless restaurants, cafes and empty seats in the entire airport to rest your feet while watching the aeroplanes take off.

Over the weekend, we went to Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall with the cousins as we had read so much about the annual humongous Bouncy Playground that the airport holds. This year’s theme is Spongebob Square Pants and the entire Terminal 3 is displayed with many of the characters in this cartoon theme.

When we reached there, we were in time for the 1pm Smoke Bubbles where the Pineapple House blows out big bubbles for everyone! The kids sure had a good time catching them! And during all showtimes (1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 9pm daily), you can queue for tokens (which are pingpong balls) and redeem for Spongebob Squarepants apparels!


In the Pineapple House, the kids had fun in the Santa Claus Village and Mailroom. There is a big 7m tall Christmas tree and beautiful sleigh and reindeers to take pictures with.





We went on to eat our lunch at Gurney Drive restaurant serving Penang food. They really serve very delicious Char Kway Teow, Fried Rice, Prawn Mee and the Chendol and Ice kacang desserts are not to be missed! Ooh..! I had better reserve this for another post on food review! After the lunch, we had spent 100+ bucks enough to admit 6 children to the Spongebob Squarepants Bouncy Playground! The admission to the Bouncy Playground is to spend minimum $20 in Changi Airport retail, F&B and service outlets ($15 for Changi Rewards Members) to admit one child below 12.

Kel queued for almost an hour for the kids’ entry while the kids played among themselves in Terminal 3’s Departure hall waiting area.  When it was their turn, they were being briefed by the staff on safety rules before entering the Bouncy Playground. I like the way they control and limit the number of kids into the Bouncy Playground in each session, and they have staff at all stations to make sure of the safety of the kids!

Briefing on safety before the fun!

Briefing on safety before the fun!

The moment the kids could go in and play, XX and YH with their cousins hit straight on to the big and steep SLIDE! That’s their favourite but it could only allow kids above 1.2m to slide on.

Climbing up the BIG SLIDE!

Climbing up the BIG SLIDE!

Parents were allowed to accompany their children inside and take photos as well. It was my first time going up on a Bouncy Castle, and it was so difficult to stay still with my camera as the entire blown up playground shook and shook while the kids bounced and bounced! It was really fun, you have to kind of bounce along when you walk on it.

Smaller slide into ball pool for the younger kiddos

Smaller slide into ball pool for the younger kiddos

Bouncy Castle 3

As you can see here, it was difficult to take a still image with my Samsung phone.

After the Bouncy good time, our kids were still hyper. Kids are never tired! So, we continued on to the mini playground and wooden stencils colouring play area in Basement 2 of the same Terminal 3. While we adults eat our Dunkin Donuts and have a cuppa (Yes, Dunkin Donuts is in Terminal 3!!), the kids were hardworking in dispensing their energy.  Too bad that the Slide in T3 was under maintenance, else the kids would have another hour of fun sliding down the slides.

More details on the Changi Airport Spongebob Squarepants Bouncy Playground:
Where: Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall (Lift to Level 2)
Happening on: 15 Nov – 5 Jan 2014
Timing to note:
Pineapple House Show time (Bubble and tokens) – 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 9pm daily
Santa appearance – 3 to 9pm (21 Nov to 26 Dec)
Spongebob Bouncy Castle admission – 12pm to 10pm daily (15 Nov – 5 Jan 2014)
If you are thinking of where to go this weekend to somewhere indoor and out of the rain, why not pop by Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall to have some fun?!

26 thoughts on “Changi Airport – Spongebob Square Pants Bouncy Castle

  1. Changi really seems to cater for families! I’ve been there plenty of times, and it is one of my favourite airports in Asia (not that I’ve been to many…) but it has always been a pretty quick visit and sticking close to the gate. Good to know it is a good option even for a bad connection!

  2. Wow looks really fun! We’re not Sponge Bob fans but guess you don’t really have to be to enjoy it 🙂 I doubt there is ANY other airport as child-friendly as Changi, even without the seasonal activities like Sponge Bob, there are sooo many playgrounds and even a (really good and free) Butterfly Garden, Koi ponds etc in the transit area!

    I recently read that the retail revenue goes into running the airport and keeps airport taxes low. 👍

    • My kids aren’t Spongebob fans either, but the Bouncy Playground is really a fun one Spongebob or not! You are right, there are so many amenities inside the transit area, I always go early for check in so that I can explore and enjoy while waiting for my flight.
      I didn’t know about the retail revenue, sounds great for everyone. I am so proud of Singapore Changi Airport 🙂

  3. Awesome! I still love Spongebob! And a bouncy house is just the best thing ever invented! What a great way to spend an afternoon (and an easy way for the airport to get revenue, I’d spend $20 going out and about eating and shopping easily, and there if I spend it the kids get to play? Win – Win!)
    I loved the shot of your son looking at the camera during safety instructions! That made me smile, too!

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  5. I’ve been reading a lot about this sponge bob bouncy castle at the airport. I have to bring my kids there soon. I agree changi airport is one of the most child/family-friendly airports. Whenever we fly, we will always check in at least 3 hours earlier for the kids to play and run around in there. It’s great!

  6. Hey there! Lovely post… and who doesn’t like a SpongeBob Square Pants Scenario? 😮
    Greetings all the way from La Paz, Bolivia, from another traveling family! Also, I noticed recently you came by and liked one of our posts… Please don’t forget to hop on to the contest page
    and share your comment – much appreciated – and wishes for very happy holidays!

  7. That’s a pretty cool bouncy castle. I won’t mention it to my kids because they’ll miss it (hm, I guess we flew out of the wrong terminal – although at 1hr for queuing maybe it was the right terminal after all). I’ll have to keep my eye on Changi’s events, though – they seem to have had a lot of fun stuff on this year.

  8. I just heard about the airport on a travel show last week… sounds more like a mall than an airport. I think I want to just visit the country to enjoy the airport 😉 Most airports are boring and sometimes not even enough room to sit. I thought Dubai was cool with its chairs that recline and green space INSIDE, but this is much better.
    PS Thanks for the visiting over at CTB. 😀

    • Oh, Changi Airport was featured in a travel show? That’s great to know! Our airport is indeed interesting and lots to see, play, eat, shop or just relax around. It has become a nice meet up place with friends with its good selection of restaurants and cafes. You must visit it one day!!
      PS: I am looking forward to your travelogues!

      • Yes I cannot remember what show it was, but it showed how locals come and enjoy it for the entertainment value and not just to fly off somewhere. Very cool indeed.
        Thanks again for the visit. We head to Cambodia next week, so I am sure there will be lots to share 😉

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