Christmas craft – Make your own paper snowflakes

Snowflake collage

I love snow! But, we do not have snow in Singapore. The first time my kids see and feel snow in Sweden was also my first experience. We were amazed at how snowflakes were formed on the window pane and even more amazed at how different patterns of snowflakes are formed depending on temperature.

This Christmas season, we aren’t travelling to any snow-clad countries. So, I decided to search through the internet to learn how to make a paper snowflake to make my kids happy.

This is a simple to make paper snowflake from Martha Stewart‘s ever so beautiful craft site:

ft_snowflake03_xl  ft_snowflake04_xl  ft_snowflake05_xl  ft_snowflake06_xl  ft_snowflake07_xl  ft_snowflake08_xl  ft_snowflake09_xl

The next one is a slightly harder one to make and your kids might need your help.


Fold a rectangular paper into half


Fold into half again but only pinch the bottom fold line


Fold up the bottom right corner like this


Fold up the bottom left corner so that it looks like a triangle. This part is a little trickier as you need to adjust the 2 folds to make it symmetrical.


Fold into half to make this shape.


See the triangle piece inside the fold in the previous picture? Cut it across and throw away the top piece leaving just the bottom triangle.

After this, you can cut small triangles and curves to make different shapes and patterns of snowflakes!! The left picture is a cut that will form the snowflake on the right!

snowflake_close1 snowflake1

snowflake_close2 snowflake2

snowflake_close3 snowflake3

snowflake_close4 snowflake4

snowflake_close5 snowflake5

Amazing isn’t it??!!

The first steps are to learn the 2 different ways to fold. Then, once you get the triangular shape, you can start getting creative by cutting small triangles and curves. And the best part is unfolding the surprise!

The cutting of the shape is challenging for young kids. So you will have to step in to help.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!!  Which of the above snowflake is your favourite??

If you are interested in more Christmas craft, check out my previous post: making simple Christmas tree card!

17 thoughts on “Christmas craft – Make your own paper snowflakes

  1. It so funny to me that snow can be such a novelty to some 🙂 but I like it (not the the slush we got today though) and I like the snow flakes you’ve made! I’m like Kate, have never used a pattern but just cut and get surprised. i didn’t even know there was a technic to fold them but I fold them in a third way!

    • Oh you mean you need not follow a certain folding way? I took a long time to figure out some folds and choose the easiest to share here. I think I am not as creative in cutting patterns and I chose some easier ones here to show everyone. I love the curves one.

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