Christmas craft – Christmas tree card

It’s December and we are counting down to Christmas!! I wanted to make some art and craft with my kids for this wonderful holiday when I chanced upon this!

Pin from A Wee Nest blog

A Wee Nest had started a project called 12 DIY Pins of Christmas and she made this so beautifully that I couldn’t resist in making a similar one with my kids!

I modified a little as we had a craft session during our staycation in our favorite hotel, and I forgot about the tree “trunk”. Hence we had to make do without it!

First, have these supplies ready: a piece of coloured paper folded into half, ribbons, tape or glue, colour pens or crayons, a straw or ice cream stick (for the stem which I did not use here)

Next part shall require an adult’s help to trace a Christmas tree with a ribbon while your kid holds and sticks the tape along the centre line of the tree. You can use glue for a better effect. I have chosen tape because I feel it’s easier for the kids to stick the ribbon.

Hold on to the ribbon and tape the centre line

Hold on to the ribbon and tape the centre line

There you go! A simple Christmas tree card!

simple card2

Then it’s up to your kids to decorate the card in any way they want!

XX Christmas tree card

XX’s Christmas tree card

YH's Christmas tree card

YH’s Christmas tree card

When it comes to simple art and crafts, I love to leave as much hands-on work to the kids as possible. So, I’ll try to find simple craft work for them! If you do have simple ones like this, feel free to share with me!!

16 thoughts on “Christmas craft – Christmas tree card

  1. These are great! I love your take on them!! I will definitely make them again, or something similar, when Birdie is old enough to help!

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