Having fun party at Fun@Giggles (+Giveaway!)

Fun@Giggles playground – courtesy of Fun@Giggles

YH has been invited to many birthday parties at this age. We were honoured to be invited including his siblings and us, parents to most of the parties. But to be invited to indoor playground parties, due to the more expensive cost and limited invitees, siblings are usually not invited and we perfectly understand. So when we turned up as usual with the 3 kids, the birthday boy’s mum, Tracy, was really lovely to extend the invitation to XX. Actually Fun@Giggles had given me 2 complimentary entry for XX and the baby, but joining the party is a different and fun experience apart from playing in the playground. Hence, we were really appreciative of her kind gesture!

The moment we entered Fun@Giggles, our kids were registered with an ipad that the staff was holding. She took pictures of individual kids and the database is able to track membership holders, who are in the party group, and even tracks who goes to toilet and apparently whereabouts of the kids! This must be a first in Singapore, and I really find it cool!

The Hutch - courtesy of Fun@Giggles (my sd card was corrupted and lost quite many pics!)

The Hutch – courtesy of Fun@Giggles (my sd card was corrupted and lost quite many pics!)

The Hutch with the spacious play mat area

The Hutch with the spacious play mat area

We have attended a few indoor playground parties before, but the personal touch and flexibility of the Fun@Giggles team is something really appealing to us. The staff are friendly, helpful and we ended up staying at the party for 4 hours as there was no other party on that day and they did not chase us out! The party area at The Hutch is huge with small tables and chairs and adults interacting area. It has a big play mat for fun play and games organized by the staff. The place is perfect for parents to mingle and kids to run wild and free. Most indoor playgrounds party rooms are probably one-third of The Hutch. The host, Tracy, who chose this place had made a good decision to hold her son’s party here!

Before the party began, Tracy was really kind to order some mini buffet and snacks for everyone. This was catered from outside vendor. The kids then went off to the play mat area to play some fun games with Fun@Giggles staff. Then, they adjourned to the indoor playground next to The Hutch and most parents stayed on to continue chatting comfortably. We knew the kids would be fine and it’s time for them to expense their energy while the parents relaxed.

I brought the baby over to the indoor play area and there were small slides, kiddy bikes, kitchen area and toys to entertain him. He loved the slide and XX never got sick of going on endless slides with him. YH and his classmates obviously were roaming wildly up and down, playing the bouncy balls, running through obstacles, “bathe” in the colourful ball pool, and slides. There was a “Sona” Interactive system that has play instructions for kids to interact on a motion detecting play mat. This is usually for groups like childcare centre kids and school organized trips as it requires coordination and cooperation.

The staff at Fun@Giggles were seen running after young toddlers and supporting some kids as they climbed up ladders. That’s something I have not seen in other playgrounds where staff helped to care for children.

When it was time for cake-cutting, the kids ran back to The Hutch for their MacDonald Happy Meals (part of the party package). Everyone then gathered to sing birthday song to the birthday boy. There was ample space to take photos and videos since the place was huge. The spacious party area is definitely a plus point! Then a surprise “Rabbit” came to entertain the kids, even the host did not know of his appearance! It was the mascot for Fun@Giggles!

Kids having Happy Meals

Kids having Happy Meals

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

After eating the cake, everyone gathered for piñata fun brought by Tracy. (Fun@Giggles makes piñatas too! Check out their facebook for their Halloween piñata!) This is the first time we’ve seen piñatas in a birthday party. The kids had seen them on Hi-5 shows and were thrilled to see it here and touch it. If you do not know what’s a piñata, it’s a hand-made cardboard or balloon sculpture hardened on the outside and candies loaded inside it. The kids have to use a hard rod to hit it repeatedly so that it breaks and out falls off the candies. And you can guess what happened next: the kids scampered to the floor and picked up as many sweets as they could! It’s truly a fun highlight of the party!

Tracy hitting on the plane pinata!

Tracy hitting on the plane pinata!

Every kid was busy picking up as many candies as possible!

Every kid was busy picking up as many candies as possible!

YH indeed had a good method to store his candies!

YH indeed had a good method to store his candies!

While it was back to free play to the playground, my kids stayed on at The Hutch to play ball games with the birthday boy and some other friends. The staff at Fun@Giggles joined in too. I like it that they were so involved in the party and ensured the children had fun. And you couldn’t resist the goodie packs that they had! Tracy gave out her own prepared goodie packs too and she is really an organized mum whom I should learn from! It’s a great feeling to feel welcomed by the host and all of us adults and children alike were well-taken care of. Would you even thought of bringing wet wipes for the kids to a party? That’s how Tracy is, a considerate mum!

Goodie pack from Fun@Giggles

Goodie pack from Fun@Giggles

All in all, I feel that even though the indoor playground is not huge with many mazes, it had its unique play like the Sona system, the modular blocks and The Hutch that set it apart from other indoor playground. The cosy compound makes it easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids. For my kids and the classmates, they had fun for 4 solid hours there! It will definitely be an ideal party venue since The Hutch is spacious for interaction and the staff are friendly and engaging.

If you are feeling excited to check out Fun@Giggles with your kids, I have ONE complimentary ticket each to be given to 2 lucky readers. Simply do the following:

1) Like Kids R Simple Facebook page

2) Like FunAtGiggles Facebook page

3) Leave a comment in this blog post OR leave a comment on the facebook post of this blog entry

Winners will be announced after the closing on end of day 16 Nov on Kids R Simple facebook page. Good luck!

Details on admission and location are as follows:


Age: <1 years old
Free admission
If the child comes in for free, adult pays $2 per pax

Age: 1 to 2 years old
Weekdays: $12 for unlimited play
Weekends and Public holidays: $12 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $4

Age: 3 to 12 years old
Weekdays: $20 for unlimited play
Weekends and Public holidays: $20 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $6

Two adults free admission with every paying child. Subsequent adult pays $2 per pax. Pricing for School Holidays will be the same as Weekends and Public Holidays.


Fun at Giggles
87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500B/C
Singapore 440087
Open Daily 10:00 – 19:00

Website: http://www.funatgiggles.com.sg

22 thoughts on “Having fun party at Fun@Giggles (+Giveaway!)

    • It’s an interesting place for young children. I can tell my 8 year old is outgrowing this very soon but she still enjoys parties. I think this should be the only indoor playground in Marine parade. The next nearest is Polliwogs in East Coast Park.

  1. This looks fun! My kids are fans of indoor playgrounds and we’ve been to most of the local ones. Have yet to try this out though. Will be great to win this. 🙂 Have liked both pages.

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