Simple art and craft – Salt Art

All mummies should have a ready stock of art and craft supplies for “rainy days”. Yes, rainy days or days when unexpected events happened, and you have to stay home with your kids. So, I really have to thank the mummy blogger at Ingspirations who shared her simple salt art idea and it saved my day when the kids were bored and had nothing to do at home.

The first intriguing thing that struck me was how salt can turn colour so easily by twirling a chalk or in my case, we ran out of chalk, and used pastel colours from Daiso.

First you have these simple art supplies ready: Pastel or chalk, bowls of salt, glue, paper

Next, your kid chooses a favourite colour and twirl the pastel / chalk in a bowl of salt.

There you go! Ta da!! The salt changes to the colour you want!! 

Now, you can put glue on a piece of paper and sprinkle the coloured salt on it.

You can draw any picture outline with the glue and sprinkle the coloured salt, it’s that simple!

Salt art by XX

Salt Art by YH

Salt Art by YH

One warning though is that since this is salt, it actually gets damp after a while. Hence, it cannot be a permanent art piece for keepsake. Nevertheless, we had fun seeing how the salt turns colour and I could easily explain to my kids on how the pastel or chalk colour particles stick to the salt via friction and motion. Ermm…did I explain correctly? Hopefully! I was glad my kids enjoy the simple art session!

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Do you have simple art fun that intrigued you? Share with me!

22 thoughts on “Simple art and craft – Salt Art

  1. What a cute idea – and a great science lesson! I saw the cutest pin on Pinterest the other day, a paper plate with a white circle in the middle, then a yellow circle and the outside was rimmed in orange. Then they cut it like a pizza pie and voila! Candy corn to be strung together with yarn and a banner was made! It’s hard to explain, but it was genius (in my opinion!) I love those fast, inexpensive crafts! Thanks for sharing the pictures your kids did, they are wonderful pieces of (temporary) art!

  2. Wow, I like the vibrant colours of your salt! You’re right that these salt art pieces do not last long. I’ve actually thought of laminating them to see if they can be preserved longer…
    Thanks for linking!

    • Good blogs are worth linking! And you have many good ideas, seen them on fb! I think you may have to laminate quickly before the art piece gets distorted by dampness. I think it should work, let me know if you succeed 🙂

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