Rise and Shine Expo – Workshop Giveaway #02

Rise and Shine Expo 2013

Credit: Rise and Shine

My girl, XX has a sensitive tummy. Every time she complains of tummy ache, I try to think back what she eats that causes the ache. But I have never managed to pinpoint a culprit and it is frustrating for me since I am unable to prevent future episodes.

When my kids were younger, bouts of tummy aches always had me worried. Kids have low threshold of pain and they are not able to tell you the exact pain spot. We do try to diagnose on our own on what triggers a tummy ache based on which exact pain spot. Yes, parents and grandparents play doctors frequently. We qualify ourselves uncertified.

If it is a clear case of stomach flu, there will be a standard procedure for remedy. We expect tummy ache, vomiting and fever to ensue. We give Probiotics and symptomatic medicines. We stock up on these medicines that help us save some consultation fees. It will usually take 3-4 days to get better. The sick child has to be separated which is tough. Milk will be diluted or replaced with soy.  Porridge water will be served for meals as well as brown sugar water which are proven old remedies meant for subsiding fever and cleansing the intestines. When the child is slightly better and can hold milk and some porridge, we give 100 plus soft drink in small amounts to replenish electrolytes. Then I’ll cook their favourite steam soy sauce threadfin and mix with lots of porridge water and small amount of rice. This dish is a sure nutritious appetite booster to their empty stomachs.

As for those tummy aches which are not due to stomach flu, I can only give tummy ache medicine and probiotics. We rub “ru yi oil” (meant for reducing colic) on their tummies hoping to make them feel better. Apart from lots of tender loving care, there’s not much else to do.

I have heard from friends that I should try out TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) on my kids in particular, XX. However I have no knowledge on TCM and the benefits that many claim it has. Now, when I read about the line up of good speakers in the Rise and Shine Expo workshops happening on 27-29 Sept 2013, I know which workshop that I want to go. I want to know more about TCM!  Here are the details to this workshop:

Tackling your child’s digestive problems, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) way

This workshop answers many queries on how TCM can help in your child’s digestive conditions.  The speakers who are experienced TCM physicians will cover conditions including growth issues, GI problems (Gastrointestinal), poor appetite, diarrhea and constipation, among others.

Parental woes like:

Why does junior get stomachaches every other week?

My child gets a balanced diet of veggies and fruits, why is he still constipated?

will get answered in this workshop.

At Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinics, more than 80% of our little patients suffer either from digestive or respiratory conditions, or both. The common onset age ranges from 2 to 10 years old.


Wu Min
Senior Physician
Eu Yang Sang Integrative Health 
Master in Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of TCM

Lin Jiayi
Eu Yang Sang Integrative Health and
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University & Bachelor in Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 

Date: Sat, 28 Sept
Time: 6.30pm – 8pm
Venue: Room 300, Suntec Convention Hall
To register for the workshop, please click here.

Price: $20
Group booking: 3 or more in a group enjoy 50% off
PAssion Card holders: 1 for 1 signup (partner attends for free)

For more details on this Rise and Shine Expo, click here. Besides informative workshops, they have many kids activities and premium brands participating in this Expo. It’s worth a visit!

For those parents who always wonder what is TCM all about and how it can benefit you and your family’s health, in particular, digestive concerns, you may gain lots of knowledge in this workshop.

Just like the first giveaway that was held last week, I am entitled to give away 5 pairs of tickets (worth $40 in total) to my readers for this workshop. If you are interested in this workshop to know what TCM can do for you, please do the following:

1) Like Kids R Simple and Rise and Shine facebook fan pages

2) Leave a comment either below with your email address or on Kids R Simple facebook page (If you are not comfortable with leaving your email address, please leave a comment first then private message me via facebook)

3) The closing date for enrolment of giveaway is on 13th Sept 2013.

Good luck!

This is the second part of the Rise and Shine Expo Giveaways.

9 thoughts on “Rise and Shine Expo – Workshop Giveaway #02

  1. Luckily we are ok in this department, save the odd tummy bug. Hopefully you’ll find something to help your daughter – it doesn’t sound fun to deal with stomach ache for either of you!

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