A simple gift for Teacher’s Day

This friday is Teacher’s Day.  As usual, we would be busy preparing for Teacher’s Day gifts for my kids’ teachers.  For most of the years, I would go with my kids to choose a reasonable budgeted gift for each of the teachers they want to show appreciation to.  But this year, I decided to make some simple gifts, mainly inspired by Simply Mommie‘s gift ideas.

One of my favourite places to shop for little things or anything you can think of for home organization, kids’ stuff and crafts is Daiso.  Daiso is a “Everything $2” store from Japan.  You can really get good buys at a very cheap price of $2.  So, it’s always my first stop to check out for gifts.  After walking one round in Daiso, I had many ideas to work on what gift to make.  I decided on a magnetic box for storage.

Here are some buys from Daiso for making the gift: Empty boxes with magnetic base and some decorative borders or ribbons. The paper clips are from Popular bookstore.

So, the idea is to decorate the magnetic boxes with the beautiful border stickers wrapping one round on the exterior of the box. This is easy for the kids.

Pasting the decorative border sticker

Another decorative border sticker

Another decorative border sticker

Next, it is just filling in the box with paper clips and there you go, a nicely decorated magnetic box as a gift!

Simple trick to make an otherwise boring box into a beautiful and presentable one!

When it comes to giving presents, I like to give something useful for the teachers and not something that will be chuck aside.  This box can be stuck onto any magnetic surface like whiteboards or refrigerators.  The teachers can use it for storing paper clips, pins, small magnets or even sweets! Presentable and useful! And not to forget that it is not expensive. The Ministry of Education is discouraging parents to spend on lavish gifts.

Hope the teachers would love these little gifts that my kids made for them! It’s really the sincere thoughts that touch the hearts!

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

18 thoughts on “A simple gift for Teacher’s Day

    • You should have Teacher’s Day in Finland! The teachers there are held in high regard and they are doing a noble and great job! Again, we love the education system in Finland!

  1. Oh my goodness, thank you! For reminding me about teacher’s day gifts, for reminding me about Daiso, and for giving me a specific idea! Right, on my list today…

  2. The teacher will love the gifts! The fact that you shopped and made them with your children is even more endearing and thoughtful. As a teacher, I would be touched by your kindness. Lucky teacher to have your children in his/her class and you as their mom.

  3. What a lovely idea! DAISO is one of my favourite places, I can spend hours there just browsing and end up with lots of useful stuff. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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