Simple art and craft – Rainbow Box

I have not been doing art and craft with my kids for quite some time, mainly because I am usually very tired after work and we have lots of outdoor activities during the weekends with the kids.  But, today, I am on leave from work because I need to take care of my baby and my P2 girl since all Primary 1 to 5 kids have 2 days break due to PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) Oral.  With such a good opportunity to enjoy a day of stay-at-home-mum, I planned so many activities today with XX, I am now rather dead beat while typing this post.  However, the thought of sharing my joy of enjoying an afternoon of art and craft, I do have the motivation to write this post and publish tonight.

So, when XX asked what we could do together this afternoon, I quickly searched in my art and craft box for ideas. Seeing a pack of colourful ice-cream sticks, I decided to make a Rainbow Box out of them.

Here are the simple steps to make the box:

1. You will need some colourful ice-cream sticks, tacky glue, cardboard, scissors and some decorations. Cut the cardboard to your desired box size.  This will form the base of the box.

2. Depending on how tall and how big you want the box to be, cut the ice-cream sticks according to the height of the box you want. Next, glue them together. Your kid may need help in the gluing part as they can stick to your fingers and mess up the ice-cream sticks before they are dry.  Initially, I tried gluing this way, but found out a better and less messy way to do this, i.e glue the sticks to a base stick, this will be easier for little kids to handle and XX did the rest without my help.

3. After making 4 “fences”, glue the bottom and side of the last stick of these “fences” to the cardboard.  Again, this part may be a little challenging for little kids.  Let the glue dry up.

4. The last part is to decorate the box, and there you have it!

This box is simple to make and XX loves it. You can decorate in anyway you like. We made 3 in all, 2 for XX and 1 for YH.  The boxes can be a good storage for hairbands, hair clips, stationery and anything your kids like to put into.  Most importantly, it makes a great afternoon fun bonding with my girl together.

Give it a try and share with me how your simple Rainbow Box goes.  I’ll be happy to steal an idea here and there!

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