My baby’s 11th month milestones

Baby YT at 11th month

Baby YT at 11th month

Baby YT is 11 months old!!

I can’t believe time flies by so fast and he now looks more like a toddler which is so different from the cradle-held baby months back. How I reminisce the baby days.  He has since reached several milestones at 11 months old.

Physical Development

Baby YT is growing “flabs and pounds”!  He still has his baby fats although he has started to look lean now. At night when I look at him sleeping on his tummy, I am amazed that he has doubled his birth length. As the Hokkien saying goes “Baby grows an inch for each night he sleeps.” That’s an exaggeration but it is not far from the truth.  He also has 8 teeth now, 4 upper and 4 lower.

Baby YT's favourite position

Baby YT’s favourite position

Baby achievements

Baby YT has perfected his commando crawl. He can crawl at amazing speed! If you compare a proper bottoms up crawl on all fours on ground versus commando crawling with tummy on the floor, you will know it’s tougher to crawl fast using the latter style. He looks like a wound-up toy.  The moment you put him on the floor, he “unwinds” the spring in him and crawls away!  Any baby race right now??

Just 2 days ago, Baby YT pulled himself up to reach for a shuttlecock right in front of my eyes!!  I am extremely proud of being the first to witness this important milestone, you couldn’t imagine how ecstatic I felt!  Then the next day, he repeated this newly found skill in front of the grandparents.  And everybody cheered!  I know many babies have reached this milestone much sooner than my dear YT, still, when it comes to your own baby’s first experience, it always sets off the excitement in the family.  I try not to compare such milestones with other babies and much prefer to celebrate my baby’s success at his own pace.  After all, it is more important that milestones are reached within a reasonable time frame, and equally important to keep a watch on any serious delay of development.

Things that make my baby smile at 11th month

There are many simple things that can trigger an endearing smile from Baby YT.  He loves bath time and loves to see water trickles down from a water filled bottle held at a height.  He smiles when he sees his milk bottle in my hands and know it’s feeding time.  He laughs when his sister sings his favourite songs from “Charlie and the Numbers”, “Tricky Tracks” and the japanese version of “If you are happy and you know it”.  He smiles at anything that spins.  He loves to spin the 3-D puzzle globe on its stand.  His favourite spins are the wheels on his walker in over-turned position.  He enjoys manipulating everything on his hands and turning them upside down.  What a discovery!  He smiles the moment you carry him towards the main door and out of the house.  He loves to go out.

Baby YT loves to play

Baby YT loves to play and can really sit straight!

Things that my baby doesn’t like

Baby YT does not like crowd due to the peaking of stranger anxiety these months.  He cries when there are too many people cooing over him.  What a big contrast to a few months ago when he displayed his showmanship and smiled at anyone who looked his way!  We understand his fear and hold him close whenever he shows signs of insecurity.  He will hold me real tight and tug at my necklace.  At such times, I would secretly enjoy his head resting on my chest, and feeling satisfied that I am needed and trusted to protect him.

Baby YT doesn’t like to be left alone in the play pen.  He is irritated if his hair touches his ears.  He will brush his ears violently with his little hands and that is sooooo cute! Do I sound like a terrible mum, enjoying his reactions to things he doesn’t like? But for little babies, any reaction from them is simply adorable and irresistable!

My baby prefers warm milk and water.  He pushes away the milk bottle if the milk or water has cooled.  That makes me wonder how will any babies take to cold milk that is fresh from the fridge as recommended in the books and followed diligently by one parent who happens to be my piano teacher? Have you tried giving your baby cold milk?

Next month same day, will be my baby’s 1st year.  Kel and I are busy thinking of a birthday celebration that is cozy and comfortably suited for the birthday baby.  We have to be careful not to overwhelm him.  The last thing we want to do is to make him cry on his big day.  But, isn’t it more fun (yes, for the adults) to have more people to celebrate together?

Baby, you don’t know how happy Mummy and Papa are that you have reached all these milestones!  You’ll be reaching the big ONE next month and of course, you don’t know this either!  Still, we love you lots!

Mummy loves you dear!!

Mummy loves you dear!!

Happy 11th month old Babe!

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