Oh dear! My boy likes pink!

Prior to YH turning 6, he has been liking everything his sister likes. Ranging from the colour pink to Hello Kitty toys to cute girlish plushies.  His sister XX pulls a face every time he follows her in choosing something she has chosen, which is usually something girlish.

Since he was a baby, many strangers would mistook him for a girl. The last we heard such comment was when he was already 3 years old!  It doesn’t help much that his lips are red and always wet with his saliva. His kisses are wet too.  That probably explains the misunderstanding.

At school, YH plays mostly with girls.  He says the boys are too violent, which puzzles me because he can be rough too.

While YH insists on wanting the same girly thing as his sister, most times, we let him be.  Kel and I are not overly concerned as we believe that such a phase will eventually pass.  We do not make fun of him nor discourage his preferences.  Pink is just a colour and a sweet colour too.  Only social norm defines such colour to belong to girls, and blue to boy.  That does not sound quite fair to designate a colour to a gender.  Why can’t boy likes pink and girl likes blue?

As for liking Hello Kitty and plushies, who can resist the cute cuddly cat? It’s just a preference.

Now that YH is already 6 years old, he sheds off this preference of pink and Hello Kitty gradually.  He likes to play with his favourite mammoth and dinosaurs, and recently, plays transformer toys and chooses an “Iron Man” shirt.  He even said to me just 2 weeks ago, that Hello Kitty is for girls!  (It was just last year that I bought a Hello Kitty for him!)

It’s interesting to see this change in him and it just goes to show that his earlier girly preference is really a passing phase.  He still prefers to play with girls in his pre-school.  His teachers even feedbacked that he is a “ladies man”.  Apparently, a few of his female classmates have gone to express their love for him!  Haha!  Yet, he only has his favourite “girlfriend” and it has always been this girl since Nursery 2 (4 years old).

Well, Kel and I are not too worried about this “girlfriend” thingy.  It might as well be another passing phase too.  Err.. actually I have secretly done a screening of this “girlfriend” of his, she is a mature, caring young lady who passes her hanky to YH when he sweats under the sun.  Kel and I wouldn’t mind if one day YH brings back a girlfriend who happens to be by the same name. 😛

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