Yoghurt Cheese Cake for the little ones

The last time I made a cheese cake was 5 yrs ago on XX’s 3rd birthday.  It was an oreo cheese cake.  Recently on my favourite parenting magazine Young Parents, I saw a recipe on Yoghurt Cheese Cake which has recipe suitable for babies.  I decided to try it with a little twist done to suit my older kids instead. I am still quite careful with what goes into my 9mth old’s little tummy for now. 

Here’s the recipe:
Yoghurt Cheese Cake 

10-12 Digestive Biscuits
125g of Butter
250g of Cream Cheese
3 tbs Honey
5 pieces of dried Apricots
2 Apples peeled and cored
75g Strawberry Yoghurt
10 pieces of Blueberries (mashed)

 How to make:

Line a baking tin with clingwrap.

Mix butter with crush biscuits

To make crust, mix unsalted butter with crushed digestive biscuits

Line the base of baking tin with the mixture, cover with clingwrap and freeze for an hour

 Mixture of cream cheese

Mix cream cheese, mashed blueberries, yoghurt and honey

Scoop mixture onto crust

Scoop the mixture onto the crust and refrigerate for at least 2 hrs

Apple & Apricot Puree

To make puree, steam apples and apricots for 15 min, and blend

Voila! Yoghurt Cheese Cake!

Put puree topping on top of cheese cake or serve aside (I served the puree aside with the cheese cake instead, as my kids prefer to decorate with remaining blueberries and not so pretty strawberries as shown here.  I think with the bright orange puree as topping, the cake should look much more enticing.)

As this was made on Father’s Day, it’s for Kel in name but made for the little ones instead.  It turned out that both XX and YH love the cake so much, they keep on saying it is the best cake they’ve ever eaten!  “Isn’t it terrific, Papa??”  I would have made this a thousand times to hear this from them again!  Kel, their Papa, however preferred the oreo cake, well, too bad, dear.  You bet I’ll be making this cake again, eermm… maybe not a thousand times… 🙂


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