Children’s Seasons 2013 – Singapore Art Museum

Children’s Season has been held for several years till now. Each year there are many interesting activities organized for the children to introduce the Singapore museums to them in various fun ways.  This year in 2013, it is held from 18 May to 30 June.

The first of the museums that we visited is the Singapore Art Museum (SAM).  When we reached the SAM, we were re-directed to another nearby building called “SAM at 8Q” where this Art Garden for the Children’s Season is held.  There are in total 4 levels of art galleries and exhibition to be explored.

Level One – The Enchanted Garden City by Sandra Lee
Here is a little play area with colouring activities for the kids. This gallery mimics many fairytales with an Asian twist.  Remember to enjoy the wall paintings.  One of them has an Indian version of Rapunzel and an Indian prince rescuing her on an elephant!


Level Two – Around the world in eighty worlds by Vicente Delgado
The artist wants visitors to explore this gallery with their imagination and see things from different views. For instance, what may seems like a doorway is actually an outline of a cat’s face with lamps as eyes.  Do you see its whiskers too?

Kids’ activities

You can get this Kaleidoscope kit for your kids by making a small donation of minimum $2.

This is how the finished Kaleidoscope looks like.

Art through fun games

You have to explain to your kids on these art work which may look ordinary but they have much meaning behind them if you observed how they are made and displayed with its orientation intent.

This bird moves when you pull a string below.

Turning the spiral eye wheel

This chair is a weird one with collapsed legs.

These few faces are not complete, you have to use strings to complete different expressions on the faces using your imagination.

String puppet

Mirror fun

Level Three – Stellar Cave II by Julien Salaud

This glowing constellation of stars is a beautiful and stunning work made entirely of screws and thread!

The Incredible Magical Expanding Room by Mojoko and Shang Liang

This room transforms when you speak through the microphone with soft and loud voices.  It really intrigues even the baby!

Kids’ acitivities – threading the screws to form pictures

Les Reves Engloutis – Glossy Dreams in Depths by Stephane Blanquet

This gallery is a little abstract.  It is a room filled with fantasy and dreams and the artist wants to encourage children to overcome their fears through the fun experience in here.

Look at this revolving wall with kids on the bed.  They are taken into a 3-D environment behind this wall.

Even the baby has fun!

This dreams-filled room has kids’ activities.

The children create masks.

Level Four – Love. Revolve the World by Sun Yu-li

This is an amazing art work by the artist Sun Yu-li and 750 students.

What is interesting is the entire piece is drawn by a dot plus a line and plane concept.

While we always think that the Singapore Art Museum only showcases masterpieces from various artists, we never knew that art can be exhibited in such engaging ways!  Our kids enjoyed themselves tremendously through the many activities organized for them.  While exploring the activities, they get to appreciate art unknowingly.  I feel that this is a great place for families to explore on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Admission: free for Singaporeans, PR and children aged 6 and below or

$10 (Adult), $5 (Students & Seniors aged 60 and above)

When: 17 May – 1 September 2013

Time: 10am – 7pm (Mon – Sun) 10am – 9pm (Fri)

WhereSingapore Art Museum at 8Q


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