Art – Black Paper gives amazing effect

Ever since I brought my kids to their very first art class in Wow Art Studio (see my post “Art can be so beautiful“), I realized that black paper really gives amazing effect to a drawing in pastels.  Hence, while I was shopping in Daiso, a $2 storewide shop in town, I saw that they sell pastels and it gave me the idea of getting some black construction papers for my kids to draw on.

Pastels and Black Paper

YH, at his age of 6, loves to draw Dinosaurs.  XX, at her age of 8, loves to draw Butterflies.

Colouring on black paper

With this pastels that resemble chalk, it can get a little messy with little hands rubbing against the drawn pictures as they move their hands around the paper.  Luckily, as the paper is black in colour, the messiness does not look as obvious as it is on white paper.

After they have completed their colourful drawings on black papers, I framed them up and asked the kids to use window markers to decorate the boring white border.

Here is how it looks like!  Great colour contrast against black background!

Art on frame

We had an afternoon of fun with this simple art work.

Now, this frame is up on our living room wall as a proud piece of decoration.

Try it with your kids!

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