My dearest 3 darlings

I delivered YT on 13 September in the middle of the night.

It was as memorable as the first 2 births and I can remember so explicitly what happened when labour kicked start.  I don’t think any mum will forget though.  Except that with the 3rd time labour, I anticipated what is coming and began to feel scared way back to my 2nd trimester.  I am scared of the 2nd stage of labour when the pain is what I defined to be only women can take such “beyond human threshold of pain”.  True enough, when the 2nd stage of labour started, I did what is the hardest part, i.e. to RELAX amid the PAIN.  This was with lots of support from kel.  Without him, I am not sure if I can go through it.  And I did it as I did for my previous 2 deliveries, all without epidural.  My thought goes to: if my mum can do it, I can do it.

I am proud and so relieved and happy when I felt my baby slipped out with a warm sensation and the dear Dr Tan carried him high up in the air to show me my “trophy”.  All the maternal instinct and love overwhelmed me and I was smiling ear to ear and relieved everything was alright.

My 2 older kids were very happy and amazed at their little brother.  They had known the baby in the womb and felt his kicks and hiccups separated by only my belly skin.  Now the baby is finally out and about, they love everything about him, from his expressions, scent, little feet, toes and fingers to his familiar kicks and hiccups.

I am relieved that no jealousy or rivalry among siblings with the birth of number 3.

With the arrival of the newborn, routines have to be adjusted, time with my older kids are lessen as my job now is really to feed the baby, pump the milk, eat the confinement nutritious food, drink lots of fluids, soups, rest and get back my energy within this one month period.  I almost forgot that life with a newborn is so “COW-like”.  Most of the time spent is breastfeeding the baby, burping him, and at times pumping out extra milk.  Nevertheless, I greatly enjoy the breastfeeding part, watching his little mouth sucking, and the satisfied look on his face while he’s being nursed.  I will remember all these moments for as long as I live.

Well done YT! As the same as Well done XX and YH!  You have been Papa and Mummy’s dearest gems!

All of you have helped Mummy lessen delivery pains by coming out fast enough (XX 4 hrs, YH 2 hrs and YT 1 hr!) and being clever babes since birth.

We love you all!

2 thoughts on “My dearest 3 darlings

  1. Yoohoo! Popping by to read YT updates! Keke. And wow, 4 + 2 + 1 = 7 hours which is already less than what it took to give birth to Angel. Hee. Lucky you! And yes, very powerful to do it thrice without epidural! Glad you are adjusting to being mum of 3 well! *pat on the back* =) jia you!

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