Preggy at 7th month

My energy has come back and so does my appetite!  Each gynae visit will see my gynae Dr WK Tan’s surprised expression, “2.5kg! You have gained 2.5kg! Your appetite sure is good!”  Oh… I have already tried very hard to limit my carbo, why does it still gain so much in a month??  I am expected to gain only 12kg in all, I am already half way there and I still have 3 months to go.

You can only gain 2kg per month and you owe me half a kg for last month,” says the wise doctor.  Ok, I will try my best.  Next week will be my gynae visit.  And I can already see I had tipped the scales with what seems like 3 kg more.. oops.. sigh..  The problem is the more I try to control eating, the more I think about food, the more I eat!

At this 3rd trimester, my sleep is very much disrupted.  I have more frequent visits to the loo only at night, and it doesn’t even happen in the day time!  Plus my baby has kind of developed a sleep pattern, sleeping more only when I walk about in the day (rocking him to sleep), and kicking vigorously in the middle of the night, I can easily wake up more than 5 times in the night.  And I still have to wake up at 7am for work the next morning.  Hmm.. all working pregnant women should have pregnancy leave to stay home and sleep.

With my tummy so big now, I have limited comfortable clothes to wear.  Dressses are my favourite!  No waist band that feels tight underneath my bump.  And I have started to waddle like a penguin.  I have been trying not to though, especially when I am outside.  The waddling really makes a preggy woman ugly.

I need to be more careful of my extending circumference of my waist, taking careful judgement of more space needed when I move around corners and around crowds.  One lovely thing of my big tummy now is that I can see my tummy protrude with sudden kicks by my active baby!  XX and YH loves to feel and see my belly moves in and out!  Both of them often stop me in my tracks, “STOP!“, and they will plant a lovely kiss on my belly again and again.  My kids have been truly amazed with my pregnancy and I have taken them to my gynae visits, studying the ultrasound scan images and questioning about anything.  They exercise with me, laugh at me being the burping monster, curious about my changing body, and ask about how baby is delivered.  Kel on the other hand, is used to my pregnant state, and I love how he taps “morse code” to the baby through my tummy.

Just like the previous 2 pregnancies, I feel pain occasionally beneath my bump and at my pelvic area.  The doc says it’s due to heavy weight.  It’s going to get more uncomfortable with growing tummy which really feels tight especially after meals, and more restless nights.  And I am preparing to go through the night feeding sessions with the baby and tiredness of breastfeeding, lack of sleep and at the same time to spend time with XX and YH so that they do not feel neglected.  Routines with my kids will be affected for sure, but me and Kel will try our best not to have too much disruption.  Most importantly, I have to learn once more to balance my time with 3 little ones + a big one (Kel) + myself (me time).

Mums are great, aren’t they?!


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