Baby Number 3

Finally, the dreaded morning sickness is more or less gone.

My belly is manageable, appetite back to normal, energy back to usual, still can fit into 1/3 of my normal size clothes, can walk fast without waddling like a penguin, but nose power is still around and few pimples still popping out.  I can play with my kids as I used to without feeling extremely cold in an air-conditioned room, without feeling nauseous, and can do some simple household chores (Kel must be secretly glad the dishes portion is taken half from him for now).  Sleep wise is a little disruptive though, with my bladder calling several times in the night, sometimes every hour!  And there is almost only one sleep position that I can stick to for the whole night, that is sleeping on my left (which is the best position for the baby).  No more sleeping on tummy and even on my back.  Still, I would say 2nd trimester is the best time in pregnancy!

XX and YH are looking forward to their baby sibling.  They pass me by and will often stop to plant a kiss on my belly.  They greet the baby with a simple “hello” and kiss again.  It’s so sweet.  The last pregnancy was when XX was one and a half year old and she did the same too.  What a perfect picture of love.

This pregnancy seems to be more of an educational one for my little ones.  And in a way, more like a gift for them.  I had always wanted 3 kids simply because I grew up with 2 older brothers happily.  1 is no-no for fear of being too self-centred, 2 is somewhat not enough as they only have each other for company, 3 is just nice and makes “family of five” sounds good!

Like all my previous pregnancy, I will tell my baby that Mummy and Daddy will definitely give you lots of love and a loving family to grow up in.  That’s our pledge dear baby.  We love you.

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