Morning sickness truly brings out a woman’s contradicting behaviour to the ultimate.
1. I feel sick to the core and nothing can make me feel better.
2. I feel very hungry without warning, yet I have no appetite.
3. I totally do not feel like eating, yet my mind is constantly thinking of what food would make you feel better.
4. My nose power is better than animals. I can smell oily fried food from miles away. And that makes me puke.
5. Everyday at 430pm, I dread the smell of coffee my colleague will make a cuppa for his tea break.
6. Everyday I pass by my favourite bread shop, I will use my mouth to breathe simply because I find the supposedly fragrant a trigger for throwing up. I could no longer walk into that shop.
7. I crave for porridge, yet after eating my favourite hongkong porridge from my favourite restaurant, I now boycott it.
8. All food that I like became food I avoid now. That means I hate crabs and sotong (squid) now.
9. I can’t go near unwashed dishes as I must avoid smell of food.
10. Every dinner, I have to throw up first before I can eat a tiny portion of rice which is even less than what my kids are eating.

Those who do not have morning sickness are really really lucky. Everyday I am counting down to the end of this first trimester and hoping I can find back my normal appetite and energy come the 2nd trimester. My kids have been neglected as my battery is always in dangerous beeping mode every evening. I could at most read a story to them on my bed. And I have to read to them in a stuffy room because I am scared of cold. I could have worn my winter jacket to sleep with no fan and still pile up with my blanket. What am I becoming to? What makes it worse is I have so much gas inside me, I burp non-stop. I can’t burp too loud in public so when I am back home, I am a terrible “Burping Monster” with no image concern!

This post was really written on the train one morning when I was surprisingly feeling quite alright, and continued weeks later on another night which is today, when I feel unusually better than normal nights.  I could no longer function normally and all my favourite things like blogging, has been cast aside for some time.

I am waiting for the start of the enjoyment of my 3rd and probably last pregnancy.  Right now, I am simply too tired and unwell to even remember how life was in normal mode.  Let me quickly enjoy the process of seeing my belly getting bigger by the day and feeling extremely motherly loving to my little one inside, yes, minus the morning sickness memory.

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