Through the eyes of my little ones

I read somewhere that to look at the good points of a person, try looking for everything that is green in colour around you.  You would probably find many things that are green now that you focus only on this colour.  Same goes for choosing to look at the fine points of a person.  Through the eyes of the little kids, they can only see the fine points in their parents and no one on earth comes close to their Papa and Mummy.

  1. My Mummy is PERFECT, never mind that she can’t drive and can’t sing very well, to me, she is flawless.
  2. My Mummy is BEAUTIFUL, never mind that she digs her nose and is getting fatter.
  3. My Mummy will always hug me no matter how mischievous I am.
  4. I will never hold grudges against my Mummy, no matter how she punishes me for misbehaving.
  5. Even though she is angry with me at times, I still want her to kiss me goodnight.  I want her to accompany me to sleep every night.
  6. I love to help my Mummy in whatever she does.  “Mummy, what else is there for me to do for you?”
  7. My Mummy knows everything under the sun.  I love to ask her questions.
  8. Even though my Mummy is scared of cockroaches, lizards, and all kinds of reptiles, I will protect her no matter what.
  9. My Mummy is my best friend.  I love to tell her what happened in school everyday.  I love telling her secrets.
  10. I will continue to hug my Mummy and kiss my Mummy even when I grow old.
I love you forever, Mummy…
  1. My Papa is PERFECT, never mind that he can’t play the piano, to me, he is flawless.
  2. My Papa is HANDSOME, never mind that he farts in the room and he is always wearing the same shirt.
  3. I know that my Papa will not be angry with me 5 min after I misbehave.
  4. My Papa is a strong man!  He can carry me to sit on his shoulders to watch lion dance for a long time.
  5. My Papa knows everything about animals, pre-historic animals, insects, plants, history, geography, and everything on earth.  He is a walking encyclopedia!
  6. My Papa allows me to touch insects and teaches me their body parts.
  7. My Papa is a great cook!  He cooks the best maggie mee on earth.
  8. My Papa is never afraid of all kinds of insects and animals.  I bet he is not scared of dinosaurs too!  He is awesome!
  9. I love my Papa to make sharp turns when he drives and push us at high speed sitting in a trolley inside the supermarket.  We love thrills!
  10. Whenever I need a kiss and a hug, my Papa will readily kiss and hug me.
I love you forever, Papa…
and we love you forever too, XX and YH…
Through the eyes of my dear XX and YH, I saw the above love messages about me and Kel.
In their eyes, we are both PERFECT… and
in our eyes, they are both PERFECT

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